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i know that i've kinda fucked this journal off... but i'm now here!

just thought somebody might give a shit.

miss you guys like hell.

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1:52pm...Thursday 29th May 2003

Nightcrawler is da bomb!

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1:05am...Thursday 8th May 2003
Mood...still laughing

this was when we all got together before Judy went to England a couple of weeks ago. i can't stop laughing at this photo. Ben and Steve look like a bunch of freaks in the background, Geogie looks drunk (i think she was anyway), Robin looks like she's gonna jump out and murder everyone and i just look gross. o.o;; funny shit.

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10:40pm...Wednesday 7th May 2003
Mood...my mouth is dry

i'm in so much pain. i was at work today screaming "I'M IN SOO MUCH PAIN!". nobody even asked why. but you get that. i was contemplating all day if i should go see DJ Krush @ Minke Bar on Tuesday and Grandmaster Flash @ The Gov on Wednesday. i was thinking..."who the fuck would go with me." Andrew says.."take a friend". what friends? no actually that's too harsh on myself. eh so what the hell. i asked Georgie today if she was keen on goin. she was actually interested. that's the one thing i love about my
Georgie. she'll give things a go. so..i'll try and pick up our tickets some time this week. i was actually very tempted to buy DJ Krush's album @ Borders today. i can spend over an hour @ Borders looking through and listening to CD's. but i did end up buying The Roots Pherenology Album. very addictive stuff. i've also got into the habit of buying a CD every pay day. there's just way too many i want to get my hands on.

i started to get slightly depressed tonight so Georgie and i decided to get Pizza for dinner. don't you love how food just makes you feel so much better? you know it does. i have been a good girl when it comes to snacking. i'm still bad but not as bad as i use to be. i'm like the NO.1 snacking Queen in the Universe. i fucking swear.

it's actually really nice to write again. it's been a while. for the past 2 years i've been writing down shit almost everyday. and then i go for weeks without writing something proper...it feels kinda strange. you know...i don't come home at night and go and talk to my family about everything i've done in my day. my journal is kinda what that's for. well...what it use to be for. it's changed a little (or a lot) now.

TAFE is going okay. i have to do a 10 minute speech next semester about Korean Music. woo..what fun (i'm not only the Queen of snacking but also the Queen of sarcasm :P). i'm actually going to make it real complicated and in depth. i wanna confuse to shit out of everyone. there are these two girls in my class that are doing there speech on "Gasoos and Noriban". you can guess what it's going to be about. "oh! and like Shinhwa are really sexy!". i always knew i'd grow out of all of that. but these girls are pretty amusing. i said to them.."so, your big fan-girls huh?" they say back to me..."no! we just want to fuck them all!". haha! now that's more like it! XP

i still haven't applied for Yonsei yet. fuck i'm lazy.

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12:41pm...Thursday 20th March 2003

i wish livejournal was like it use to be.

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2:43am...Wednesday 15th January 2003

i'm going to make this journal friends only from now on. if you want to stay on my friends list please reply to this entry. thank you. :)</a>

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12:51am...Wednesday 15th January 2003
Mood...wak ass!

"babo imnida" - god..i hate my voice.

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4:40am...Tuesday 14th January 2003

i feel like a coffee so bad. i really can't be bothered walking up to the house. i could make one in here but the milk in my fridge is about 3 months old. >.<;

i like this picture;;;;

EDIT: finally finished my LJ layout.....

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